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Serving our Veterans, Members and the Community.

As a museum Unit, our "Club" promises museum artifacts, pictures and stories inside. Simply click on a picture to enlarge. View a movie presentation of our Main Club Room and our Club Games Room.

Check out the Home Page for important information about membership, bylaws and some tidbits of interest, Read our Clarion newsletter,
view upcoming entertainment & events, check out the calendar and more.

Hours of Operation:


Daily operating hours are now noon to 8 PM Sunday to Thursday and, noon to 11 PM on Friday and Saturday. Dancing is now allowed, no seating limits; meat draws, live entertainment, bingos, crib and sports room are now available. Please respect the safety of others, your neighbours and staff. Please see the calendar page for updates.
Come on in, see how you can be comfortable and feel safe.

Office Hours:

Feel free to drop us an email at info@unit302.ca, leave a message at (250) 656-2051 or (250) 656-3777 or even a fax at (778) 351-3728.

The galley is open during meat draws and on special occasions. Please refer to the calendar page for details

We are located at:

9831 - 4th Street,
Sidney, B.C.

(Club) (250) 656-3777
(Office) (250) 656-2051
(Fax) (778) 351-3728